Monday, April 1, 2013

Studio E

   Last week, I traveled to Liberty to help with my granddaughters on their spring break, and was finally able to visit the wonderful craft studio of my niece, Elsa. This has been a dream of hers since they built the house several years ago and is finally complete.  She has been accumulating old cabinets and storage pieces for some time and recently had the ceiling and walls finished so could formally move in.  It is a large open space with lots of natural light and looks out on a wooded area on their property.  The space is divided into about five different areas, with the storage pieces defining each area.  Here are some pictures:

Scrapbooking supplies 
The yellow cabinet was her grandfather's tool cabinet.

Two of her antique sewing machines.

 Drawing and Painting Supplies

I thought this was a great old cabinet.

I took my featherweight and we stitched these bunnies.
Lots of baubles in this cabinet.

While we stitched, the kids worked on "fairy houses".  There was lots of paint involved, but eventually they should look like Elsa's, pictured here:

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