Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Spring! (finally)

     Spring has finally made an appearance in Missouri.  A week ago, Saturday, we had our last (I hope) snowstorm and when it was over, Spring took hold.  It has been in the 60's all week and seems odd to see little piles of snow in sheltered spots.  But, that's Missouri.
     I spent last week in Atlanta, at a sewing retreat with friends from all over the country.  Represented were Georgia, Missouri, Mississippi, Colorado and Arizona.  We had a fun week and I finished the blocks for the graduation quilt for the grandson.  Putting it together was saved for home and the design wall, but it is now officially a flimsy.
I have since added a border of red, all I need is backing and I'm ready to quilt.  

 My cup overfloweth, or rather my 1-1/2 inch scrap bin overfloweth.  I have a plastic drawer and a shoebox bin for that size and neither would close anymore.  So what's a girl to do?

I recently saw two tips on the Stashbuster yahoo group about string blocks and decided to try them again, utilizing those ideas.  One tip was to use the old Medicare booklets that come every December for the foundation papers.  I certainly had some of those.  They should have been cleaned out and recycled, but I was able to unearth some from the bookcase and desk drawer.  

The other tip was  to use a triangle for that corner.  I always find that corner rather fiddly, adding those little short strips.  They never seem to come out right.  I had some Kona red scraps left from the graduation quilt, so made my triangles from those. 

It makes a nice size, 9-1/2 inches.  The only problem I can see is that the pile of scraps is not dwindling fast enough.  I guess I'll just 
Keep on stitchin'

PS:  Grand Illusion is quilted, bound and on a bed.  Woohoo!