Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Snow Day UFO's

     It has been snowing here in Mid-Missouri since midnight with snow piling on last week's accumulation.
     I have been concentrating on "finishing" this week.  I finished that challenge/charity quilt I showed you last time.  My machine quilting isn't very professional but maybe a little girl won't notice.  Hopefully, she will only look at the little ballerinas on their tippy toes.

Do you see where I ran out of the challenge fabric?  There are four of the bow tie blocks missing some of the brown challenge fabric.  I wasn't about to try to buy more of that fabric and I really like those blocks the best.  I actually considered (very briefly) remaking the other 12 blocks.  Instead, I will operate on the galloping horse theory. 

     This next project, I am almost ashamed to share its history.   I purchased this little needlepoint canvas in Charleston, SC sometime in the mid 90's.  I completed the needlepoint and it went into a drawer until  I could finish it.  In my defense, I was still working then.  Last week, I talked my hubby into helping me move some furniture and created a little sitting area in a spare bedroom.  The room has lots of light and I thought it would make a good handwork and reading area.  I was so happy with it that I redecorated the entire room around it.  While looking for something else, I came across the little needlepoint canvas and thought it would fit in that room.  I mounted it on some natural linen from my stash and made this little pillow.  It sits on an antique ladder back chair in my sitting room.  Such a feeling of accomplishment to actually finish a UFO that is 15-20 years old.  There is hope for all of us, girls.

This next one is more recent.  I love to work with wool in the winter.  I love its soft colors and the way it feels.  I love the way the appliqué seems to wed itself to the background as you stitch it.  And I love the way it looks on the antiques.  Currently, my favorite designer is Maggie Bonanomi.  She actually lives in Lexington, MO and I was fortunate enough to see her house on a house tour last fall.  It is an 1840's Federal and decorated in the primitive style.  Her textiles are all through the house and are beautiful.  I now own three of her books and am systematically working my way through my favorite patterns.  This one is called "Flowering Vine Pillow" from "A Day at Sunnybrook".  I didn't make it into a pillow as I wanted to use it as a table rug.  The background is re-purposed wool from a thrift shop (it was a wraparound skirt).  The backing is from a vintage army blanket, that wonderful brownish green that is also used for the leaves on the front.  I found the army blanket in an antique mall for $15.00.  That is a lot of wool for a small amount of money.  A wool fat quarter is usually $10-12. 
     That's all my finishes for this past week, but there is still more to come, I hope.  Now, to choose the next UFO from that stack in the sewing room.  

Friday, February 22, 2013

Digging Out

Wow!  What a snow!  12 inches most places.  My sewing room is a great place to watch it snow.  My sewing machine is in front of a big window with a picture perfect view of my neighbors beautiful home and pond with resident geese.  I keep challenging myself to learn to machine quilt (ongoing for several years now), so it was a perfect day to work on a charity/challenge quilt.  The challenge is that ugly brown fabric in the center of the blocks.  It was a final day challenge presented to us at the Arrow Rock Quilt Camp last spring.  I found that cute ballerina fabric in Florida in January and thought it would be so cute for a Children in Crisis Charity Quilt.  (Our guild presents small quilts to local agencies that encounter children in distressing situations.  More about that later.)  My plan was to incorporate the UGLY in small pieces, so the CUTE would shine through.  Then I would have met the challenge for Quilt Camp this year, while meeting the charity quilt challenge with my guild.  Good plan, huh?
Here's the picture.

    I have spent most of the week caressing this stack of fabric.  I went to Boonville Tuesday for the closing out sale at our LQS (so sorry they are closing) and fell in love.  I have always liked the French General line by Moda and even though the stock was getting low, they had several bolts of it left.  Maybe I'm the only person in two counties that likes it.  Regardless, I'm glad they did.  I need another project like a another head, but couldn't resist.  Now, I'm laying awake at night trying to decide on a pattern for it.  I'm thinking Broken Dishes or Underground Railroad.  Here's the picture.  Don't you love it too?
      I'll add a neutral from my stash, which will alleviate some of the guilt I am feeling for buying more fabric.
    That's all for now.  Think Spring!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Posting Pictures

I think I have it.  Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks.  The quilt in the bottom photo is a Jan Patek design.

In the Beginning

I have enjoyed other's blogs and decided to try one of my own.  Even if no one else reads it, it should be a good exercise in self expression, not to mention keeping up my grammar skills.
     This past week, the sun has seemed warmer and the snowmen left out from the Christmas decorating were looking a little drippy, so away they went and out came the bunnies and chicks.  Dear husband says "isn't it a little early for Easter?", but I persevered, secure in the knowledge that men don't understand the seasonal nesting urges that afflict the females in their lives.  Why try to explain?  Now, how do I add a picture to this thing?