Wednesday, August 24, 2016

RSC August 2016

  My collection of Civil War blocks in the colors of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge is growing, but as you can see, I didn't follow the suggested colors this month.  The colors were smoky purple or grey.  I had used my purples when it was assigned earlier, so didn't want to use it again.  I just chose some fabrics I hadn't used yet.  
     For my donation quilt, I had purchased this cute elephant fabric awhile back
and have been waiting to use it. ( Just watch, the September color will be red)  Anyway, I searched the strip bins for some reds and black/white scraps and made some framed nine-patches to go with my elephants.  Very simple, but some little guy should like it.
Here is the binding
   and the backing.  Now it goes into the TBQ pile, which really isn't too large.  I think this is #3 and they are all crib size.  
I probably won't link up with So Scrappy this time since I didn't use the assigned color.  Just in case there really is a quilt police department.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

This and That

         I just realized it has been over a month since I wrote a post for my blog.  Just in case anyone out there has noticed, I will catch you up.  I'm not sure my pictures are in the correct sequence, but it will be a brief overview.

    There were peaches to be harvested before the squirrels, raccoons, and/or deer ate them first.  Then there were peaches to be peeled, bagged and frozen as well as jam to make.  My grandsons would be terribly disappointed if there was no peach jam.  

    Then, there was Drama Camp for all of the younger members of the family. This crew is composed of granddaughters, great niece and great nephews.  They were here from Sunday thru Friday, as well as one of the Moms.  Cooking for 9 every day was a pretty full week.

   I have completed a few sewing projects.  This is a table topper I made for my neighbor.  Her husband passed in February and this is made from his ties.  I had never done anything with ties before, but it went very smoothly.  She has it displayed on an antique desk which belonged to her grandmother.

   Here's an idea!  I was constantly chasing a Kleenex or paper towel to erase writing on our kitchen whiteboard.  That led to wondering if a scrap of batting would work, then this happened.  1-1/2" squares from the scrap bin and a piece of scrap batting makes a great eraser.  That is a magnet holding it on the board.  Shall I patent it?

    I was invited to Gina's to sew last week, so wanted to take her a little something.  She loves pincushions as much as I do, so I whipped up this little Broken Dishes block from some batik cut offs I scavenged from Quilt Camp in May.  I think she liked it.

Birthday Blocks from 2013!
  So glad to get this put together and quilted.  This is my declared UFO for quilt guild (check) and moves me to the baggage car on Stashbusters (check), as well as finishes one of my oldest UFOs (check) and finally, used some stash (check).  It is a little larger than I usually make, 80" x 80".  
    That was my July.  How was yours?