Tuesday, November 24, 2015

2015 BKH Mystery

     Chime in if you are doing the 2015 mystery quilt designed by Bonnie Hunter! 

I thought about not doing it, but have been caught up in the hype on the Quiltville group.  My friend Gina, calls this FOMO (fear of missing out).  Sadly, that is the case.  I burrowed into the stash, looking for Bonnie's colors.  They are closer to my palette this year, so I won't be changing them.  I have plenty of everything for a small sample, except for the gold.  All my golds are too brown, I think.  I found two or three to start, though.  I'll see if I like the design before I invest in any more.  I am currently in love with grey, so that was not a problem.  I am looking forward to using it in this quilt.  

Here's what I'm thinking.  Any suggestions? I didn't make it to Lowes for paint samples, but someone online worked out the DMC colors, so I used those.  This should be fun, although I don't need another UFO.  I still have two Bonnie projects left from our guild's workshops with her in September.  Familiar refrain?  
     I have finished a couple of other projects, though.  Just to the flimsy stage, but that's almost done for me.  My hand stitching project for summer evenings on the deck was a blue and white orange peel.  I have been wanting to make a blue and white quilt for sometime so decided on this pattern after watching a Jenny Doan tutorial on her version of the orange peel, which is machine appliqué.  I wanted to do needle turn appliqué, but I did like the colors she used.  Here's my version, although the blues didn't photo very well.  They are brighter than they appear in the picture.

It isn't very big, just about right to drape over a cupboard door or the sofa.  

     I'm also working on the Mystery Quilt for Arrow Rock Quilt Camp in May.  It's time to put the fabric requirements on the website.  This is a totally different color palette for me, but I need a graduation quilt for a young lady in May and I had her in mind when I chose the fabrics.  This is a layer cake by Bonnie and Camille called Hello Darling.  It's very bright and cheerful on my design wall right now.

I'm going to close this post with a little color inspiration for you.  This is a picture from the state park that adjoins our little town.  How about these colors for a quilt?
Have a great Thanksgiving!