Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Quilt Camp

Picking and Stitching

Quilt Camp

This makes my fifth year to teach a Mystery Quilt at Arrow Rock Quilt Camp. Choosing a pattern is always the hardest part, but I decided on it in November and had it on a bed by Christmas. That is the earliest I have ever finished one. I used the Missouri Star pattern of Quatrefoil, adding a few of my favorite piecing tricks. Here's my version:

Now you know why I was inspired to have it on a bed by Christmas. The fabrics are a layer cake by Barbara Brackman with some additions from my stash. Here are some pictures of some of the blocks made by those taking the class. There was lots of variety in the fabric selections.

I'm looking forward to seeing some finishes appear on the camp Facebook page. Good job, girls!
Just a note to my blog readers:  I am moving my blog to Bloglovin, which is an app which combines all of your blogs in one place.(  This app is much more user friendly to post from the I-Pad, which is sometimes more convenient than the laptop.  Also, the Blogger app does not appear to be supported anymore, or maybe just for PC devices.  I've had more and more trouble with it lately so just decided to move the blog to something easier.  I can still send the posts by email, so if you are getting it that way, let me know in the comments and I will keep a list.  You can also follow me on Pinterest, my page is "Judy Smith" and the board is "Picking and Stitching".  I will see how it goes and may adjust as time goes along.  I do appreciate all of you and look forward to hearing how this change works for you.  

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