Monday, February 2, 2015

Grand Illusion flimsy

Hallelujah!  The Grand Illusion top is finished.

  Not exactly as Bonnie designed, but it works for me.  I turned the border strips the opposite way, so they would be next to the narrow pink border.
Now to buy some backing and decide on the quilting.  And…..
 decide what to do with this green blocks I didn't use, and……..
cut up the scraps into usable sizes.  Be sure to go to to see everyone else's links.  They are all beautiful!

     Meanwhile, I have been thinking about the graduation quilt I want to start for our grandson.  Deciding on a pattern has been on my mind for several months.  I used a square in a square block for his brother's graduation quilt, so don't want to use that.  They both love sports, so I need to include some machine embroidery on some of the blocks with sport designs.  I made these sample blocks yesterday with a plan in mind to include some embroidery in the center of the star blocks and alternate with the "Homeward Bound" block.  (I am sure that block has some other names.)
I like the graphics and it should make a masculine looking quilt.  I like the name of that block for young man leaving home for the first time, off to college and the big world.  

We have a cold snowy day here in Missouri, so I hope to 
Keep on stitchin,



  1. That's a nice adaptation - it's so fun to see the different renditions!

  2. I love the way you set your blocks together. I'm making my larger but do not want to make more blocks so I'm playing with ideas right now.


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