Monday, January 15, 2018

Snow Day 2018

    The first snow day of the year!  Only about 2 inches, but enough to drift a little and make the roads ickky.

I cancelled an appointment this morning and a meeting was cancelled this afternoon, so I get to stay home and putter, also sew and hook.  But first, the dreaded laundry.  (No pictures of that.  Who would  want to see it?)

     Today was my day to update my Early Work Mercantile site, so I posted it last night and went to bed.  Here is the link to mine, but be sure to look at as many as you have time for.  There are some wonderful primitives.  hhttp://earlywork-oldtrailprimitives.blogspot.comttp://  He
   Here are some pictures from my page.
Linen hearts made from an old dresser scarf.

A Cardinal pillow

Hooked hearts.

Aviary, the Keeper of the Backyard Birds
(She is already sold)

The computer is not cooperating with me today as you can see by the strange formatting, so I will just stop and say
Keep Warm,

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  1. I think we wound up with 4-5 inches here. I got out yesterday. It was ok driving to church (I volunteer in the office) but, worse when I headed home. Glad I didn't have to get out again. I hope the roads are clear this morning, since I'm headed out again soon.


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