Friday, March 15, 2013

Time Flies

Wow!  Where did that week or 10 days go?  I know a lot of it went into fretting about the oldest grandson, Drew.  He decided several months ago to join the Navy and left on 3/7 for Boot Camp.  We spent the week-end before he left at Branson, as a family, sort of a send-off vacation.  Last week I felt like I needed to prop up his mother, who was suffering some separation anxiety.  It was a busy week overall, but I did get some sewing done.
    Last Spring, a friend gave me these scraps from some of her projects to use in charity quilts.

Now, I have scraps, but mine are nothing like her "scraps".  I would be inclined to call hers "yardage".  Many of them were 10-12 inches square and 2-4 inch wide strips.   I cut a portion of it into 5" squares and 2 1/2" squares and made bow tie blocks (you have probably figured out I like that block).  Here is the little quilt all laid out.
It's pretty bright with lots of cute prints.  It should make some little one happy.
   Thanks to Julie,  I have enough "scraps" left to make another quilt if I make four or nine patches.  

Just as an aside, what is your favorite way to mark your rows before you start sewing them together?  Here is mine.  I have marked those flower head pins with letters of the alphabet, then I stack the blocks in order, pinned together with the pin for that row.  I always stack left to right.  It works for me.
Have a great week-end.  I'm going to a local estate auction, so hoping for some luck buying antiques.

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