Monday, January 5, 2015

Part 6, Grand Illusion

     I have had four blocks on my design wall all week, trying to decide how to put this quilt together.  My pieced green sashing is not doing it for me.  Not enough contrast, I think.

     The green just seems to make the other colors muddy.  Here is what I am thinking. Using a black and white sashing between the blocks.  What do you think?
Wide sashing?  Cheddar cornerstone?
Narrow sashing?  Teal cornerstone?
It doesn't have as much motion, but I think I can live with it better. 
       In my indecisive lethargy, I pulled out an old Project in a Grocery Sack, found a simple pattern, and approached it with a "git her done"
This is some fabric I bought on a Minnesota vacation several years ago.  It is a Holly Taylor collection done for the Minnesota shop hop that year.  Of course, I didn't have enough of the purchased fabric for the pattern I chose, but "the stash" came to the rescue and all 30 blocks are done.  My cutting table is now clean again, all the scraps cut into usable sizes, and I'm ready to face the GI again.


  1. Link up to Bonnie's post with lots more pictures is

  2. Love the wider sashings. Makes it less busy with a country feel to it.

  3. I like the thinner sashing if you are going to change it up :)

  4. I vote for the wider sashing. I'm having the same problem. The sashings are too busy even though I used the same colors as the MQ.

  5. Enjoy the process of choosing what's right for your quilt. Congrats on the other finish and subsequent clean up...I'm impressed.

  6. The sashing does take away some of the business, however I do like your original layout.


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