Monday, December 15, 2014

Moving on, step 3

     This step has involved a lot of speed sewing.  I cut my strips down to half WOF, to avoid that curvy migration long strips seem to take on.  They came out to the correct measurement on the first try, so that helped.  I have 40 two by four blocks completed with enough strips sewn and sliced to make 30 more.  I guess that I need to sew 12-16 more strips if my calculations are correct.  Here is a selection of the finished ones:
 I had to turn the overhead lights completely off to get the green to come out in true colors.

I'm really liking how these colors are going together.  They aren't Bonnie's colors, but they are using a lot of stash and I like it so far.
     Yesterday, while cutting green strips, I decided I didn't have enough variety.  I went back to my green bin, but had pulled everything I felt was right.  The 2 inch strip drawer was raided early.  So I'm thinking…"I'm 50 miles from a quilt shop, where else would I have some green?"  There was the Christmas fabric bin…nothing there, all the wrong greens.  How about the Autumn bin? Bingo!  Several perfect green scraps.  On to the Civil War bin…they used green in the 1800's, right?  Woo Hoo!  Two more greens to add to the mix.  I am running short on backgrounds.  When do you ever have enough?
    I will attempt to post this as a link to Bonnie's blog, wish me luck.



  1. Way to persevere and find those greens!

  2. Luck was with you in posting to the link and finding more green. I couldn't imagine living 50 miles from the nearest quilt shop! Love the use of different colors.

  3. Your blocks are looking great! I'm really looking forward to seeing how Bonnie puts all these units together.

  4. pretty..I haven't sewed on Clue #3 in 2 days..yikes!..have to get in gear.

  5. I finished my Clue 3 pretty quickly, but I'm still plugging way on Clue 2! Your fabrics are great, Judy.


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