Thursday, April 17, 2014

Pickin ' in the Ozarks

     I couldn't seem to find this picture when I was doing the earlier post, but wanted to include it.  We'll call this an addendum.  We stopped at a couple of flea markets on our way home from Quilt Camp in the Ozarks and I found two little sewing collectibles.  We also found a Singer 15-91 in pretty good condition for $35.00, but passed it up.  I have had non-buyer's remorse for days.  That is almost worse than buyer's remorse.  So, here is what I did buy, a sock darning kit in a wooden case and a needlepoint pincushion.

Here is the other side of the pincushion and a little better view of the darning kit.  The thread post fits into the wooden case. 

Its not a very long drive back to the flea market with the 15-91 and Gina is always ready for a road trip. 
Stay tuned for the next installment.
Keep on pickin'.  

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