Thursday, April 17, 2014

Camp for Quilters

       Ok, picture this…mature (some of us, very mature) women in a car loaded to the roof with sewing machines (4), projects (?), snacks (chocolate), suitcases (3) and scarcely contained excitement, hitting the road for quilt camp in the Missouri Ozarks.  Three uninterrupted days of sewing, giggling, continuous snacking, and great meals (believe it or not).  The dinner meal requires tramping up the road to the dining hall (remember church camp?) and tramping back to the sewing room and sleeping lodge.  But, after a day sitting at the sewing machine, that tramp to the dining hall was a welcome diversion.  Our weather was beautiful, the first 80's temperatures we had seen this spring.  Following are some pictures of the facility and then I will move on the focus of the week…QUILTS!

The public rooms are beautiful!  The lodging rooms are pretty basic, bunk beds and bare bones bathrooms.  Thats when you realize you're at camp.

Here is the group from our guild that went on this adventure.

And here we are sewing and playing…
Beth in her baseball cap.

Gina, Mary and Patti
 Some of us took our vintage machines.  I took my Singer 301and there were also some featherweights.   They received plenty of attention from the other quilters.


The group at large.  I think there were 46 of us.

You'll notice the snacks readily available.

And sometimes, girls just want to have fun

Beth put this together while at camp.
The blocks had been pieced by friend, Marty, as a
trade for some long arm quilting.

It's hard to see the embroidery, but Beth II pieced
the sashings and put these
embroidered blocks together during camp.

Here's my finish, from the Metropolitan Fair
layer cake.

Patti did the mystery project.

Gina put this together as a gift for her husband.

Show and Tell was on Saturday night and there were some real beauties.
This was a favorite of mine, it was wonky stars with a
border of three rows of five inch squares.  Simple,
but very effective.

Isn't this lovely?
This is Gina's Bonnie Hunter quilt.  I think the pattern
is Easy Street.  Gina, correct me if I'm wrong.
And the back!

And Michelle's beautiful Farmer's Wife!
Love this setting for her Sampler.  They are
courthouse steps blocks.  Of course,
I love her colors, too.

I apologize for the random placement of the photos.
I have had a terrible time writing this post as the photos
go where they decide, instead of where I want them.
As you can see, this is being entered as a caption instead of
narrative.  Just bear with me.  Maybe the next one will go better.

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  1. Judy, my quilt was Carolina Christmas by Bonnie Hunter. Mary was working on Easy Street, the lime greens, purples and teals. But that's ok, who can keep track of pattern names when we're having such a great time??!! --Gina


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