Friday, January 24, 2014

Catching Up

    The sewing room is finally moved, the closets switched, and I am able to spend time in my new sewing space actually sewing.  Here's a picture of my new sewing storage.  Just look at all that empty space!  Sounds like a road trip to me.

My stash looks pretty puny when you see it like this.

I have been back to sewing though and making some progress on a UFO from December.  I started this Snow Globe quilt just to have something to work on through the season and have been trying the QAUG (quilt as you go) technique.  My best reference was from Andrea at  Just google quilt as you go and her blog should come up.

I have the vertical strips done, putting the blocks together and will add the horizontal strips next.  The blocks were all quilted first.  Here is how the back looks.
There is handwork involved for those of you who hate that, but I happen to love it, so it was a good TV watching activity.  I still plan a border, so we will see how that goes.  So far it has been pretty painless. The machine quilting part was a breeze and putting the blocks together was very simple.  One of the other plus's was using some scrap batting since it is all cut into squares the size of your block.

I also have been hand quilting the little feed sack doll quilt I pieced on the iron lady.  Here it is...
Aren't those great prints?  I am thinking about kitting up another one for a giveaway.  Anyone interested in that?  Leave a comment if you are.

The weather here has been very conducive to organizing and sewing.  Temperatures hovering around 0 to 10 in the mornings and daytime temps below freezing.  Not the best time of year in Missouri.  But, I will just keep on stitchin'.


  1. Of course we are interested in a giveaway! You are so generous! Love your closet storage, I am jealous. I will help you fill it!


  2. Wow! I so wish I had a closet in my sewing room. Hope you enjoy your new space. The bowtie blocks are adorable.

  3. Looks great - it is nice to have a record of all your progress! will be nice to see. Enjoy! Paula

  4. What a nice storage area..yes, a road trip is always fun. A "Snow Globe" quilt is new to me...very nice idea. Love those beautiful Bow Tie fabrics.

  5. The Snow Globe quilt is my design. I had collected fat quarters of gold accented fabrics for several years, mostly Hoffman fabrics, with this in mind. Feel free to make yourself one, I'm not a professional.

  6. Love the Bow Tie quilt, first time on your blog, I do get to see your pictures from the small quilt group. I will look forward to what's next on your blog.
    Pat in AZ


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