Sunday, April 10, 2016

Pickin' in the West Bottoms

     A friend recently invited me to travel to Kansas City for the well- known event of 1st Friday, which actually lasts all weekend.  We chose Saturday so we could also visit City Market, which is the open air produce market in downtown Kansas City.  Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of it.  It is very colorful, as you can imagine.  We loaded up on fresh radishes, onions, asparagus and some pansies.  We stopped buying produce because we wanted to leave room for vintage shopping in the West Bottoms.  This area used to contain the Kansas City Stockyards and warehouse district.  Most of these buildings had been abandoned until some enterprising souls decided to take them over for antique markets.  I had never been to visit them, so jumped at the chance when invited.  
  Our first stop was Good Ju-Ju, only open that first weekend of every month.  Two factory floors of vintage and repurposed furniture, as well as vintage collectibles.  I found a Toby Mug to add to my collection, my first made by Royal Doulton.
He is the one front and center, joining his new family.

    We moved on to the next building, called Vintage Rose.  My first find there was a Norman Rockwell tray.  It is called "Last Ear of Corn".  Rockwell's characters are always so amusing.

Isn't it great?

    I have been looking for a vintage sewing chair for my Singer 15-91 and count that as my best find of the day.  Not only did I find one, but found two alike.  $20.00 each, or both for $30.00.  Of course, I took both of them.   I immediately put the second one on the Facebook page of my LQS and found it a good home with Jessica, another vintage machine enthusiast.

And with storage under the seat.

Here's how it looks with the 15-91.  

     And it's comfortable!

     Don't you love the retro upholstery?  At first I thought I wanted to recover it, but have since decided I will leave it alone.  I think it fits the machine.  
Hope you are getting some sewing done.  I'll blog about that next time, just had to share my picking adventure.


  1. Your new sewing chair would be much easier to recover than mine was. It does look nice (mine was ugly).

  2. What a fun time and your sewing chair finds are just wonderful!

  3. What a fun time! Those chairs are so cool aren't they? I have one from my great grandma and the kids loved to hide their toys in it! Great finds!!!!


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