Monday, February 29, 2016

Scrap Attack

     Saturday was a beautiful day in Missouri and I traveled to Brunswick for a sewing day with my Scrap Attack group.  This is sponsored by my LQS, SewSweet Quilt Shop.  It is a great group and this time, several vintage machines came out to play.  Here is a little photo album of our day.

Three featherweights having a play date.

Look at that face plate!

My 301.

An Elna Supermatic.  The sewing surface is also the case for it.  Fun, don't you think?

Cynthia didn't bring a vintage machine, but did bring a gorgeous Quilt of Valor she and Kathy just finished.
Great day!  Can't wait until the next one.  

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  1. What fun! I have a (purple) Featherweight, 2 (tan) 301's and a Elna Supermatic (needs parts), waiting to be worked on. Nice Quilt of Valor!!!


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