Thursday, August 28, 2014

Dear Jane, A-9

After another hour today, that little block is done.  A little wonky and I had to use a different fabric to finish the outside row, but done is better than perfect, right?  I always underestimate how much fabric paper piecing requires, so ran out of the background after doing the center.  Here it is in all of its tiny glory.

     Have a great Labor Day week-end.  I hope you have time for some stitching.


  1. Well that is just CUTE! So tiny. And as delightful as it is, one is probably enough, right?! --Gina, who also (believe it or not) got some quilting done this week and some UFO finishes!! Yee-hah!!

  2. Wonderful little block and and the two fabrics are great too. My guess that is about a 40 piece block and those little beauties take time.....It is a great finish!


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