Monday, February 10, 2014

And The Winner Is:

     The winner of the Kit for the vintage feed sack doll quilt is …..CYNTHIA!!!

Congratulations, Cynthia.  If you will email me privately at, I will make arrangements for getting the kit to you.  Enjoy.
    The sun is shining in Missouri today and our feline random number generator system preferred to play outside instead of inside, so we were a little late with our drawing.  Eventually, he came inside to clean the snow off his paws and take care of his responsibilities.

     My project this morning has been to type the directions for the mystery quilt class I will be teaching at Arrow Rock Quilt Camp this spring.  See if you are interested in attending.  Spring in our historic village should not be missed.  
     I will try to post some pictures later of the fabric I have chosen for my demonstration quilt.  It is a huge leap out of the box for me.  For now, the directions are typed and on their way to Paula to be proofed, and I'm on the way to my sewing room to…
keep on stitchin'.

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  1. That is one good-looking, talented kitty. Love it!


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