Saturday, September 15, 2018

Early Works Update

   I just posted my September 15th update to the Early Works Mercantile site, but have a fun picture to share with my blog readers.

Yes, Tallullah will be sorry to see anyone buy ScaredyKat.  She especially loves his feet, although she is also a little frightened of them.  It's hilarious to watch.  

Here is the picture that made the cut for the website.  

And here is the "Spells" notebook, that was carried over from the August update.  

And a better picture of the table runner.  I actually made this a couple of years ago as a bolster pillow, but didn't use it much.  ( My husband doesn't like decorative pillows on the bed.)  So, I took it apart, quilted it and I think I will use it as a table runner if it doesn't sell.  I find that is the best plan with a selling site like Early Works, make things you like and would use in your house anyway.  

     In another piece of news, my grandson brought me a treasure from the trash at his workplace.  It is a bag stitcher from a seed processing plant.  Isn't it cool?  I had him carry it to the sewing room for me, but now will have to bribe him with a steak to have it moved to where I will eventually
display it.  It must weigh 50#.  He said it was mounted on the side of its working location and I originally thought I would do that too (when I first saw a picture).  I don't have anything in my house heavy enough to hold it mounted sideways.  

My understanding is it had a separate motor and pulley system and that upper projection on the right held an oil bottle.  As he said, it was too much history to throw in the trash.  His dad thinks it probably dates to the 1940's.  

   That's all my news for today.
    Keep on stitchin'


  1. and here, looking at the picture, I thought it might be toy sized! Boy was I wrong about that nifty machine!


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