Thursday, January 5, 2017

Accounting for the Year

     Do you like to keep numbers on quilting and sewing projects?  Until the last few years, I didn't do it either.  About three years ago, I started keeping a little notebook and by 2015, had graduated to a three ring binder and computer generated charts and forms.  I know, a little crazy, but I love it.  First, it was a UFO list, then it was stash accounting.  Now it is weekly to do lists, block counts, etc.  You get the idea.  I've created a monster and it is me.  Your eyes are probably glazing over by now, but here goes.

MY STATS!  2016

20 total quilt related projects completed.  Most were at least lap size.
8 UFO's completed out of 14 declared.
17 New starts, 12 completed
162.5 yards of fabric purchased
107.8 yards sewn (making the 100 yard dash)
>350 blocks sewn (the exact figure is on Shelly's Prairie Moon blog)

If you have any interest in seeing any of my worksheets, leave a comment and I will email to you.
Now, onto 2017 Goals.  You do that, don't you?

GOALS!  2017

UFO'S - 12  ( hope to finish at least 9)
Use more scraps in my quilts, think of them first.
Reduce purchases, equalize purchases with usage
Reduce Civil War stash (it is totally out of control)
Utilize my Accuquilt GO more, revise my planning to fit the dies I have.

Planned New Starts:
Yellow and grey Sew-In challenge ( I purchased fabric last May, must be done by May 2017)
Scrap Basket Challenge ( a guild activity which I will talk about in a later post)
BookIt Challenge (a Stashbuster Yahoo Group challenge)
6 Charity Quilts, 4 crib size and 2 twin size.

A very modest plan for new starts, I know, but I am constantly getting distracted by the next new thing.  I know myself well.  That list will grow before the year is out.
Enough writing, I need to sew.

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