Tuesday, October 9, 2018

A Finished Top

     The Churn Dash Checkers top is completed.

I tried it with both the straight set and the diagonal set, but chose the diagonal after all.  I would have needed more churn dash blocks and fewer chain blocks, so in the end it seemed easier to go with the pattern directions.  I did change the border treatment a little.  I had this wonderful print (Sturbridge Village) that worked so well with the background and the black chain piecing, so skipped the patchwork border.  

I have pulled this fabric out of the CW stack many times, thinking to use it.  So glad it was still there for this quilt!  

     Now to move on to making projects for my October 15th update to Early Works Mercantile.  It will feature Autumn and Halloween items as I'm not ready to move on to Christmas yet.  

     On the Rughooking front, I'm trying to get this class project finished as I have a Halloween project I want to work on next.  

     So not only will I keep on stitchin, but will be pulling loops as well.

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