Monday, November 14, 2016

November Activities

    Since the first day of November, I have been moving piles of fabric around the sewing room trying to decide on my choices for the Bonnie Hunter Mystery.  Currently, these are my choices.  That burgundy is well aged, so I especially would like to use it for my constant.

     I seldom use Bonnie's exact colors because brights just don't do much for my antiques and primitive decor.  I saw a Civil War fabric selection that was really pretty, so won't settle on anything until I pull some of those to look at first.  
     Our guild meeting was last week and it was the collection day for the quilts we are donating to the Baby Grace program.   You may remember that I have been making crib quilts from the monthly Rainbow Scrap Challenge colors.  Here is the selection that I took to the meeting.  

I kept two of my favorites for any baby gifts I might need and gave my neighbor a choice for a grandchild she has coming in December.  The parents never want to know the gender ahead of time, so she took a boy quilt and the only girl quilt I made.  (Just couldn't resist the pink and green month.)
Here is the pile of quilts that the Baby Grace representative took with her.  I think there were a few added after I took this pic.

As I remember, there were 41 donated.  This program is sponsored by the Methodist Church, so they plan to hang them in the church for awhile before they are distributed.  As you can imagine, I'm very proud of our members.  We plan to continue supporting this program next year, so I will probably be making more, although I don't think I will attempt one a month next year.  I have some UFO's that I should have finished this year, but they got pushed aside to make room for finishing the crib quilts.  
I'm going to dig one of those out this week and see what I need to do to finish.  
PS.  Hooking up today with SoScrappySaturday on the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.


  1. Lots of great quilt, I'm sure. I know they will be appreciated by their new owners.

  2. Forty-one donated quilts! That is awesome. What a blessing your group is to those who will receive the quilts. I like your fabric choices for the next mystery quilt.

  3. I like your color pallet for the upcoming mystery quilt! I especially like your well aged constant! What a wonderful endeavor for your guild to make all of those baby quilts!

  4. 41 quilts ! that is just amazing and wonderful :)

  5. Your pile of crib quilts is so impressive! So generous! I've been having fun seeing what people are choosing for the Bonnie Hunter mystery. It will also be fun to see how the quilts look in the different colorways!

  6. Have fun with your reproduction fabric pull for the BH Mystery! You've got a nice selection ready, if the other doesn't work out.

  7. What a great way to find a home for your RSC quilts. I like your colors for En Provence. They are pretty similar to mine, except I went pink where you are using green.

  8. Your BH mystery colors look nice and soft. I'm going with her suggestions and have found a good bunch from my stash. This is my first time doing it and I have no idea what to expect. Also, it's nice to know of another guild which is doing baby quilts. Our guild just had a collection in Oct. I make kid quilts for Project Linus, but nowhere near one a month.

  9. I'm sure your wonderful quilts will provide comfort and warmth for the little ones.
    I'm looking forward to this year's MQ.


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