Monday, April 18, 2016

April RSC

     My April RSC Civil War blocks are done, as well as the Baby Grace charity quilt (top only).  Civil War prints don't contain much orange, so my April blocks are a bit of a stretch.  These are reds which lean a little to the orange side.  I like them, though, and they will actually work with the other blocks better than a real orange would.

     Looking for orange scraps turned up very little for my monthly charity quilt, so when I was at Sew Sweet Quilt Shop for Second Saturday, I found a nice orange novelty to pull something together.  Somewhere, sometime, I was given or purchased a few scraps from an American Jane line from several years ago, reminiscent of the Dick and Jane reading books from my childhood.  (now you know my age)  It must have originally been a panel.  It had quite a bit of orange in it as the colors followed the primary colors of a basic box of Crayolas.  Using the pieces I had, an FQ of a black and white print, and making some little four-patches to fill in some blank spots, I managed to make a crib size top.

This one is truly a scrap quilt except for the border, which is the piece that I purchased.  Now I need to find a backing.  Black and white?  
Linking up with for Scrap Happy Saturday ( I know its Monday, I'm running a little behind).

     Here is what is under my needle today.  Another graduation quilt in red and black, this is the third in five years.  I think my next one will be blue and green.  At least this one isn't about sports.  Music and theatre was a welcome change.

I hope there is something under your needle today (and its not red and black).


  1. A bit of ORANGE goodness mixed in with all the red and black!! I would be interested to find out how the words and symbols were created on the grad quilt you are making. Info, please???

  2. Your blocks will blend very nicely with the others. Would you consider using cheddar for the orange? I don't do repro but I love the look of it in my antique quilts. The child's quilt is just great and a fun use of those panels.

    1. I did consider cheddar, but was thinking we would probably be assigned yellow or gold sometime through the year, so saved it for that. I do love it in the antique quilts, too.


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