Monday, March 28, 2016

RSC 2016

     My purple top for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge is pieced, but not quilted yet.  I hope to do that today.  This is the "charity quilt of the month".  The background is Kona Silver, but looks tan in this picture.  You'll have to use your imagination.
     I didn't have many purple scraps, so used this pattern to maximize them.  It was quick and easy.  The reason for the yellow ducks is that we are given an optional accent color each month and March was yellow.  Our charity project this year is the local Baby Grace program, which provides disposable diapers to needy families, but asked our guild to help with quilts.  I am trying to make boy themed quilts as we were told that they are always short of them.  Lots of people like to make girly quilts.  

I am making a Father's Choice block each month, which will live with me in a final quilt.  I am now waiting for the April color.
I'm doing all of the Father's Choice blocks from my Civil War Stash, but the crib size charity quilts are coming from scrap stash.   I will attempt to link this post to the RSC blog which is SoScrappy.

Hope this works for you.  


  1. I like the little purple quilt! I've been hearing about the Kona silver- i'll hve to check it out... normally I go to kona white or snow, and the kona coal. it's good to expand our horizons! good work!

  2. Wow!! Way to stretch those PURPLE scraps!! It looks like 2 borders of the size of the squares and 2 of twice the size. Good thinking!

  3. I agree. Good way to stretch those lovely purple scraps!


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