Friday, September 19, 2014

Ozark Piece-makers Quilt Show

     It was an early morning, still dark, when I left to meet quilting friends, Gina and Patti, for a road trip to Springfield, Missouri.  Why, you ask, would I leave a warm bed to venture out with the night critters and skittish deer families (just waiting for a unsuspecting car to collide with) for a two hour trip to southern Missouri?  The Ozark Piece-makers Quilt Show, of course.  I had heard for years that this was a great show, but never had the privilege of attending.  After a great breakfast at George's Restaurant, ( we found our way to the Exposition Center in Springfield.  I will share my pictures with you.  There were many more quilts worthy of photographing, but here are the highlights for me.  Enjoy!

We thought this was a great sampler quilt.  

I am currently enthralled with medallion quilts, so took many pictures of them for inspiration.  I hope to start one in the near (or distant) future.

Here's another one.

I must have moved the camera on this one, but it was good one.

And this one, which started with a medallion, then moved to sampler blocks, then log cabins.  
Can it get any better?

And this sweet thing with the fussy cut fans.
That's all of the medallions, on to the rest of the show.

We all loved this one because of the string blocks, cornered with 1/4 square triangles which became a pinwheel between the blocks.  It goes into my "one of these days" file.

The pattern is Country Manor Charm from Evelyn Sloppy's book, Strips and Strings

Here is a close-up of the blocks.

We thought this was a great pattern for a Quilt of Valor or charity quilt.

I love star patterns and thought this was a great one.

It had very nice quilting on it, simple enough for me to do, but very effective.

I love these Crab apple Hill patterns.  And I really like the black and brown.

I took this picture because I thought it was a very good idea for our guild when we have our charity quilt sew-in in January.

This was a Missouri Star Quilt pattern called Serendipity I and II.  It makes two quilts of the same fabrics with different patterns.  I thought I took a picture of the second one, but don't see. it.  I need to look it up on their website.  It looks like a jelly roll and charm pack.  

Patti and I loved the graphic imagery of this one.

And this one was so cool.  We spent quite a while in front of it, analyzing the pattern.  It is nine-patches, with the sashing forming the stars.  Very effect use of shading in the nine-patches.

We thought this was a great scrap quilt.

The center is a vintage feed sack, surrounded by blocks from muslin and vintage feed sack prints.

Here is a great pattern from traditional blocks.  A nine-patch, surrounded by courthouse step logs, then appliqued borders.  The pattern is by Kim Diehl.  

We also liked this one for use of scraps.

I hope you enjoyed your abbreviated quilt show as well as we did the real thing.  That should encourage us to... keep on stitchin'.


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