Friday, May 16, 2014

Quilt Camp 2014

 WOW!  What a great time we had at Arrow Rock Quilt Camp this year.

Everything was perfect, the projects, the meals, the weather and best of all, the company of quilters who attended this year.  I have lots of pictures to share, so lets get started.

First, quilters at work.

Now, quilters at play.

I taught the mystery quilt project and had a great time with about 12 students over three days.  Here is the picture of my version of the finished project and following is Sheri and I, with her completed top.

It's hard to believe it is the same quilt, isn't it?  Again, it is all about fabric choices.  
It is made with 88 charm squares and some coordinating fabrics.  Fast and fun.

Next, here is a Featherweight that came to camp.  It is tan, not white, and was adorable.  She played with my 301 for the day.  The case even matches it.

There were several black FW's at camp, they make such a happy sound while sewing.  One of my students and I even had a chance to work on hers.  She hit a pin and that "tooth" on the bobbin race jumped out of position.  We took the needle plate off and fixed it and she was soon sewing again.  What a great machine!  Had it been a modern computerized machine, she would have been out of commission for the rest of camp.

Here are some pictures of the challenge projects.  We had some very creative people at work on this.
The floral fabric in the inner border is the challenge fabric.  
This is the winner of the small quilt category.

This is Lola's quilt, the winner of the large quilt category.

And this is the winner of the "most creative use of fabric" category.

This is Julie's quilt.  She used the pattern from last year's mystery quilt and scaled it down.  You can actually see the challenge fabric better in this one.  It is the green floral.

That's all from quilt camp for now.  The next two pictures were found on Facebook.  I just thought they were fun.  
This is a picture from the 1960's.  It is a float made by the Dressmaker's Union.  I wish I could tell if the women on the float are real models or mannequins.

And this one is hilarious!  I wonder if Zeke would like a quilted coat.

That's all for now.  Keep on stitchin'.

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