Thursday, February 6, 2014


    The Snow Globes quilt is finally finished.  I started it shortly after Thanksgiving to have some seasonal appliqué to do during the holiday season.  With all the interruptions of Christmas, moving the sewing room and some guild projects, it began to look like I would just put it away until next year.  But, finally, after pressing on, it is finished.  This was my first experience with a large quilt-as-you-go project, but it went pretty well.  The only real challenging part was putting on the outer border after it was quilted.  Here is what I learned about that:  make the border about an inch wider that you expect to use and then cut it down.  The quilting takes it up some and the layers shift, so they no longer line up.  When you are trying to get the sandwiched border into a quarter inch seam, you will miss some if they aren't even.  I might even machine baste those edges together next time.

Here it is.

Here's my favorite snow globe.

I need to report that the leaders and enders have won the battle in the sewing room.  My morning was spent making split nine-patch blocks and they now have their own project box for all the little squares and HST's. 

 Then they started begging to go play with the treadle machine.  After ignoring them as long as I could,  I picked up the project box and went upstairs to the treadle.  They were right, it was fun.

You still have until Sunday to leave a comment on "Ice and Snow" to enter the drawing for the vintage bow tie quilt kit giveaway.  Please include a way to reach you if you should win. 

Keep on stitchin' (and treadling),


  1. Judy, your quilt is gorgeous!

  2. Those split 9 patches are feisty little devils, aren't they? They might have crawled up the stairs by themselves if you hadn't listened. --Gina

  3. I want to see the snow globes quilt - it looks wonderful!


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