Monday, January 20, 2014

What is it about January?

     So, what is it about January?  Everyone is organizing, cleaning, looking at new storage solutions, etc.  All the internet ads are about shelving, storage tubs, and organizers.  My hook-in yesterday featured these adorable journals made with hooking on wool (sorry I didn't take a picture).  They were designed to document your hooking projects.  I even bought a little notebook to list my monthly goals for quilting.  
     So, in that spirit, I decided to move my sewing space from an upstairs bedroom to a bedroom in our finished basement.  When we had the basement work done, we had a sewing room in mind for that room, but my husband thought I would be happier upstairs.  So, for four years I have used the smaller upstairs bedroom, pining for more space and more light.  After the holidays, I announced I was moving the sewing room downstairs.  This was met with several objections, all dismissed immediately, and the moving began.  We have finally recovered from the physical aches and pains associated with this project and I am ready to share pictures of my lovely new space.

There is a little natural light, and tons of bright fluorescent lighting, hard surface flooring,  much more space and a large walk in closet.  I am in heaven!

Here is the new bedroom upstairs in the former sewing space.  It was mostly about finding a nice home for my iron lady.

Now, the bad news.  I still need to move the closet, where the stash resides.  

Tune in next week for a progress report.  I intend to work in a little sewing this week too.
Keep on stitchin'

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