Monday, April 22, 2013

Picking, No Stitching

     Today you find out where the "picking" comes from in my blog name.  Friend Mandy and I went picking this weekend.  Saturday, there was an auction in a nearby town and we started there.

 Despite the mud, cool temperatures, and bikers we stayed for most of the morning.  When they started to sell the motorcycles, we left for greener pastures.
 Blackwater is a nearby town, an old railroad town.  This is the old restored hotel.  It is now a bed and breakfast and restaurant.  I had heard it was under new management and very good, so we stopped in here for lunch.  

As reported, the lunch was very good and we plan a return visit some evening with the husbands.

On to the Midway Antique Mall,  which started life as a livestock arena, so is really large.  (Sorry, I forgot to take a picture.)  We only made it through half of it, but came out with some treasures.  Here's some pictures of my "pickings".
The chalk carnival dog joins a small
collection of chalk kitties which
I have accumulated over the years.

  The document box was interesting because it was the first I had ever seen with a name on it.  Notice the "S" in the first initial bears a striking resemblance to a dollar sign.   I think it was a safe deposit box from the shape of it. The red homespun was just a bargain at $2.00 for 2 yards.  The cups and saucers join a collection of brown transfer ware.

This pattern in the brown transfer ware is called "Fair Winds" and was made by Alfred Meakin, an English company.  I have a plate with the ship "The Friendship of Salem" on it.  The cups and saucers are "Sailor's Farewell".    I have always liked that plate, so happy to have some cups to match.

That ended our "picking" day.  My next post will probably return to "stitching".

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